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Jewish Nursing History

Biographien und Institutionen in Frankfurt am Main



Biographies and Institutions

Jewish Hospitals in Frankfurt am Main (1829 – 1942)

For the care of the patients, for the edification of the parish, for the good of the city of our fathers” The opening of Frankfurt´s Jewish Ghetto (1462 – 1796) and the … Weiterlesen

Hospitals in the Frankfurt Jewish Ghetto

The Establishment of the GhettosIn Frankfurt on Main Jewish residents were mentioned in official documents as early as 1074 (Mayer 1966, page 9). The Pogroms of 1241 and 1349 destroyed the first … Weiterlesen
Ehemaliges Vorderhaus des Gumpertz'schen Siechenhauses

Gumpertz´ Infirmary (1888 – 1941) – Jewish Care for the “Poorest of the Poor” in Frankfurt´s East End

IntroductionIn the middle ages an infirmary mainly acted as a disease hospital (e.g. for lepers), where the “inmates” were separated from the healthy population and “kept” like prisoners, sometimes for life. In … Weiterlesen
Rahel Seckbach - Foto

„Skills, Devotion and Great Kindness of Heart” – Rahel (Spiero) Seckbach, Matron of Gumpertz´ Infirmary

The predecessor: Matron Thekla (Mandel) IsaacsohnThe “Hausstandsbuch” [record kept by the local police stations that listed Frankfurt´s residents sorted by street and house number] for 62-64 Röderbergweg (main location of Gumpertz´ infirmary) … Weiterlesen

Julie Glaser (1878 – 1941 deported)

Matron of the hospital of the Jewish Frankfurt am Main community …for the comfort of the sick and to the glory of Judaism…” – as long-standing matron of Frankfurt´s Jewish hospital on … Weiterlesen

Gumpertz´ Infirmary: Biographical Directory

May the thought be comfortingthat true happiness is not always the enjoyment of life,but arises from sorrow.”Hermann Seckbach (1918) The diverse life stories out of Gumpertz´ infirmary (1888-1941), a Jewish nursing home … Weiterlesen

Frankfurt´s Grave Stones as the last witnesses – the nurses Bertha Schönfeld and Thekla Dinkelspühler

About 800 grave stones in the newer cemetery of Frankfurt´s Jewish community on Eckenheimer Landstrasse are evidence of persons who were victims of anti-Semitic persecution, who escaped from Nazi persecution and deportation … Weiterlesen

“Descending from a famous family of scholars…”

Jewish nursing history and genealogy using the example of the nurse Johanna Sämann Whose purpose and work was it?His, who sent out the generations from the start.I, the Lord, the first, and … Weiterlesen