Jüdische Pflege- geschichte

Jewish Nursing History

Biographien und Institutionen in Frankfurt am Main

The research project

The research project

The project “Jüdische Pflegegeschichte / Jewish Nursing History – Biographies and Institutions in Frankfurt am Main” is devoted to the presentation of the wealth of information related to Jewish nursing history in Frankfurt am Main. The time focus, in view of the vast amount of information, is on the period from 1870, the beginning of modern Jewish nursing in Frankfurt, and the end of National Socialism. This project provides a rich source of information not only for family biographical research as well as scientific research; but also for anyone who is interested in Jewish social and cultural history and in the history of the city of Frankfurt am Main.

The project is located at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, realised with the generous support of many sponsors.

The website does not present a completed body of research. Rather, new material is being integrated into the website as it is discovered. The project welcomes suggestions from the users of the website. It was not possible in all cases to identify the copyright and rights of use for all the material. For this reason, we ask that you make us aware of any breach of these rights. You will find our contact details listed under the section Imprint/Legal Disclosure.