Jüdische Pflege- geschichte

Jewish Nursing History

Biographien und Institutionen in Frankfurt am Main

Everyday life and profession

The history of the Jewish nursing association of Frankfurt on Main

1893 to 1940 Background for the founding of the association The profession of nursing developed in the second half of the 19th century in extra-familial nursing care. Important factors / conditions for … Read more

Diphtheria and its treatment in the 20th century

Diphtheria and its treatment in the 20th centurySpread of diphtheria in Germany and Frankfurt am Main before 1945In the 19th century diphtheria, which is passed on by airborne infection, was one of … Read more

Thea Wolf on her way to becoming a Jewish nurse

…and they were really proud of their nurse-daughter.“ Nurse training in a Jewish institution The first Jewish nursing association was founded in the 1890s. They dedicated themselves to the training of nurses … Read more