Jüdische Pflege- geschichte

Jewish Nursing History

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Nursing History and Nursing Sciences

The development of professionalized Jewish nursing in Germany

Presentation at the „International Conference on The History of Nursing“ in Florence held by Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Ulmer, 13. to 15. February 2020 The following findings are based on the foundational work … Read more

The beginning of the professional practice

In the 19th century the course was set for the creation of the profession of nursing. The professionalization of nursing, according to Hilde Steppe (1997), is linked to the existence of a … Read more

International Conference on Nursing History – statistical informations to Jewish Nursing in Germany

Berlin, 12-14 May 2011 Table of Organisations of Jewish Nursing in Germany between 1893 and 1921 (PDF) Map of Organisations of Jewish Nursing in the German Reich 1914 Video of Thea Levinsohn-Wolf